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What To Do In Case Of A Burst Or Leaking Pipe

Dealing with a burst or leaking pipe in your home can be a stressful and potentially damaging situation. It’s a common household problem that can cause significant water damage, leading to costly repairs and inconvenience. Understanding the appropriate steps to take in such emergencies is crucial. This guide aims to provide you with detailed instructions […]

Plumbing Repairs and Emergencies in Bromley

When it comes to plumbing emergencies in Bromley, there’s no need to worry, the Heat-Tec team have got you covered. We provide a range of emergency plumbing services, as well as general plumbing and maintenance. From a burst pipe, to a leaking tap or a boiler breakdown, make sure that you get in touch with […]

Why You Should Never Try To Fix A Plumbing Problem Yourself

Lady with plumbing issues

Some people think that they are capable of handling plumbing emergencies, however, the reality is that plumbing is a sensitive and intricate system, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you risk making the issue worse or even inflicting more damage that would necessitate costly repairs. Here are a few reasons why you should […]

Local Plumbers – How They Can Help You

local plumber

As a professional plumber, we specialise in providing a range of plumbing services across Sevenoaks, Kent and across London. We also offer emergency plumbing services in case you experience a plumbing problem, anything from something minor to a full plumbing breakdown. At Heat-Tec we aim to offer the very best plumbing solutions, no matter what […]

What Causes Plumbing Leaks?

Plumbing Leak

Have you ever wondered about the potential cause of plumbing leaks? Whether you’re looking to work out why your property’s plumbing seems to be leaking, or if you’re trying to find ways to keep your plumbing in top condition, there are several potential causes of plumbing leaks you could think about. Fortunately, our team of […]

5 Reasons Plumbers are called out

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At Heat-Tec 2000 Ltd, our team of ‘plumbers Bromley‘ and professionals are always getting called out on different jobs for various problems. To help see which jobs are most used, we’ve come up with 5 common reasons why plumbers are called out. Plumbing Problems Over the years we have provided our plumbing services across the […]

5 Common Plumbing Problems

Waterlogged Kitchen

At Heat-Tec, we provide a range of services and we’re always working on different jobs and problems. Based on our experience, we’ve put together various popular issues that we usually get called out to. Take a look and see if any of your plumbing problems can be prevented. Plumbing Problems Over the years, our plumbing […]