Immersion Tank Installation Caterham

Do you have an old gas heater or electric water heater that you have been considering having replaced? There is a great option out there that you may or may not have heard about. It is called and immersion water heater and it may be the answer to your hot water needs that you have been looking for. An immersion heater can really save you money and works great as a backup for your existing hot water heater. It can be used as a primary source of hot water or you can use it in conjunction with another system of heating household water. Many people opt to use this method of water heating for rental housing. The reason is because it takes up less space, requires less modification of the home, is easy to maintain and install, and costs quite a bit less than its counterparts.

What Exactly Is An Immersion Water Heater?

An immersion water heater is a fairly simple concept. There is a hot water cylinder that is placed inside an electric water heater that uses a metal coil called a resistance heater. There is a tube that carries the cold water into the chamber of the immersion heater and then there is a hot tube that carries the hot water out of the heater and into the pipes that deliver the water.The coil will heat the surrounding water. The immersion heater is run on its own supply of power. It is convenient because it can be easily turned off and on so that it isn’t running constantly. They also feature thermostatic controls that automatically shut the system off when it reaches a certain temperature so that it is not running constantly.

If you have an older water heating system you may want to get an immersion heater because it is cost effective and efficient. You have greater control of the amount of energy it uses and when you would like to use it. Immersion water heaters can also cost much less to have installed which is convenient if you are trying to work on a budget. Another good reason to get an immersion water heater is that unlike gas water heaters, the immersion heater is powered by electricity and that means that ventilation in not required like it is if you are using gas. This is also a point of safety as well. Many people do not like the idea of having to use gas and prefer to use electricity when available.

What You Need To Know About Immersion Tanks

There are a few things to consider when installing an immersion water heater. Although electric immersion heaters are more efficient and user-friendly, they do not heat as quickly as a gas water heater. It takes a few hours to heat the same amount of water that a gas heater will. If you have a large family that is something to consider. You may want to keep the immersion heater as a backup in case something happens with your gas water heater. You should also be aware that immersion heaters will not work during a power outage and will only keep water hot for a few hours after the power is off. A gas unit will continue to heat your water if there is an outage. Although immersion heaters offer a greater deal of control and efficiency, just like any other household appliance it has its own set of drawbacks. It is up to you as the homeowner to decide if it fits your needs or if you just want to have one for a backup system.

Installing Immersion Tanks in Caterham

If you live in Caterham, we at Heat-Tec want you to know that we install immersion heaters in your area. Heat Tec feels like there are plenty of benefits in having and immersion water heater. We think that most people will love having it and will appreciate all of the perks such as the ability to control when the unit is running. You can simply set the temperate for the water heater and when it is reached the unit will shut off on its own. That is a feature that you don’t get with other types of water heaters. This feature can add up to some real savings throughout the year. Gas water heaters will run even if you don’t necessarily want them too which is going to run your bill up. If you need to add or replace an immersion heater we will gladly perform the job with the best quality and service around. We have the experience and professionally trained staff to quickly and properly install your new immersion heating unit.

Once you have one installed you will see what all of the talk is about. No more having to worry about your old water heater breaking down once you install a new immersion unit. If it breaks down you will be able to use your new immersion water heater in its place until you can install a new unit, or you may even decide to just simply stick with the immersion water heater once you see all of the benefits to be had by using one. You don’t even have to get rid of your old unit, you can have the new immersion heater installed and have a backup in case your main unit breaks down. You won’t be disappointed in your decision to purchase and install the immersion water heater. It is very reliable and efficient and delivers quality performance when you need it.

Contact Heat-Tec Today To Discuss Your Needs

When you need an immersion heater installed you need to call the best installation crew in the area. You can call us today to get more information and price regarding the installation of your immersion water heater. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and our friendly and professional staff is ready to serve you with fast and quality service. They have a history of providing the best service and installation in the area and strive to leave each and every customer satisfied.