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Bathroom & Toilet Adaptations

Adapted Toilet

There are a lot of things that are taken for granted in life; having a table to eat on, a bed to sleep in, a shower to clean ourselves and a toilet to… you know, do your business. If you stop to imagine that these things are taken away or made difficult to access for […]

My toilet won’t flush

blocked toilet

Should you be experiencing the common problem, your toilet won’t flush, we understand that trying to work out what has happened can be frustrating. There’s no need to worry though, take a look at these popular reasons it could be happening and why and how you can fix them. Clogged toilet Sometimes, using too much […]

Creating Bathrooms That Are Arthritis-Friendly

disability bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, it’s important to take into consideration the different aspects of them when designing and installing bathrooms for people who suffer from arthritis. For people who suffer from arthritis bathrooms need to be safe and comfortable for them to use. The UK is already home to around 10 million who suffer […]