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Why Your Drains Might Become Blocked

Blocked drain

If you have a drain that is blocked or has been blocked, then you should take the time to figure out why. There are many reasons for drains becoming blocked and some of them can be very serious. Fortunately, most drains become unblocked with help from an expert plumber. This blog post will discuss what […]

5 Reasons Plumbers are called out

local plumber

At Heat-Tec 2000 Ltd, our team of ‘plumbers Bromley‘ and professionals are always getting called out on different jobs for various problems. To help see which jobs are most used, we’ve come up with 5 common reasons why plumbers are called out. Plumbing Problems Over the years we have provided our plumbing services across the […]

5 Common Plumbing Problems

Waterlogged Kitchen

At Heat-Tec, we provide a range of services and we’re always working on different jobs and problems. Based on our experience, we’ve put together various popular issues that we usually get called out to. Take a look and see if any of your plumbing problems can be prevented. Plumbing Problems Over the years, our plumbing […]

My toilet won’t flush

blocked toilet

Should you be experiencing the common problem, your toilet won’t flush, we understand that trying to work out what has happened can be frustrating. There’s no need to worry though, take a look at these popular reasons it could be happening and why and how you can fix them. Clogged toilet Sometimes, using too much […]