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The winter months and the colder weather is here, the professionals at Heat-Tec have put together some advice on how to save money on your central heating. Our top tips will help you to prepare for the cold months and will also save you some money on your heating too.

As plumbing and heating experts, we frequently deal with problems on a daily basis when it comes to heating. Our heating tips can help you save you a few hours each day or week. So instead of coming in from work and turning the heating on, take a look at our useful information.

6 Things to do Before Turning the Heating On

Should you feel the cold really easily or you’re looking for ways to cut back on costs, why not start with your heating. There’s a number of ways that you can warm your house up, whether it’s little or no cost. To reduce bills and stay warm, here’s 6 things to do before turning the heating on..

    • Close the doors in your home and use draft excluders
    • Blankets, get snug and save money!
    • Wear a fleece or jumper
    • Use a hot water bottle
    • Eat warm meals and drink hot drinks
    • Leave the oven door open after baking

Keep your home warm is by taking a shower with the door open. If no one is in, or you’re comfortable to leave it half open, this is a great way to increase the heat across the house. Not only that, it will allow the steam to spread throughout your home instead of being closed off in one room.

Further Advice

For further advice and information on Heat-Tec’s plumbing and heating services, simply get in touch. Should you have any problems with your heating or require professional advice, our team are more than happy to help. Being experienced heating engineers means that we’re dedicated to helping all of our clients across West Wickham and the surrounding areas. Have one less thing to worry about and choose our team for all of your heating needs. Contact our team today.

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