Why Won’t My Toilet Flush?

Discover the reasons why your toilet won’t flush

If you have found yourself wondering, ‘why won’t my toilet flush?’, there are a few things that might have gone wrong.

Unfortunately, when your toilet stops working, there will usually be a few people in your house sat with crossed legs or squirming uncomfortably, there’s never a convenient time. You might even need to use a neighbour’s toilet, but you can’t keep doing that!

4 steps to find out why your toilet isn’t flushing

If you’re lucky, you’ll find out that the toilet isn’t flushing before you need to go, rather than when you desperately need to. Don’t worry though, there are few steps you can follow to establish the source of the problem.

1. Pull the handle / press the button

This is probably the simplest step and one you have probably tried already, but try once more for good measure.

Simply pull the handle or press the button to see if the flush is working. If nothing happens or it feels extremely limp, this could be the source of your toilet flushing woes.

2. Look in the tank

If the handle isn’t doing the trick, you’ll have to look inside. Simply remove the lid of the cistern (toilet tank) and check what’s going on. If you can’t take the lid off yourself, you might need to call a professional plumber to assist you.

3. Check the internal parts

If there are any obvious signs of damage inside then you will be able to determine the best course of action from here. The flushing system may have broken in the cistern, so it might be a simple fix.

4. Is there water inside?

If everything looks normal inside, check that there is water in the system. Your flushing system might work properly, but without water it won’t be very effective.

If there is a problem with a water supply to the system, you will need to find someone that knows how to fix a toilet that doesn’t flush.

How can we help?

Whatever the problem you have with your toilet, Heat-Tec will be able to assist you. Get in touch and we will gladly arrange a suitable time to come and look. We will make sure we leave you with a toilet that flushes properly, so you can flush to your hearts content!