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Here at Heat-Tec, we offer high quality oil boilers to clients throughout Mitcham and the surrounding areas. We have a real passion for what we do, and we feel that this shows in every single one of the oil boilers that we offer. We also pride ourselves on the high level of service that we provide alongside all of the oil boilers that we provide, and on the fact that we constantly go the extra mile for our valued Mitcham-based customers, time and time again. Oil boilers are less commonly found in the UK compared to their natural gas counterparts, although they do remain an attractive option for those properties who are not connected to the natural gas network. The majority of oil boiler appliances are fed by a supply of stored oil, which is kept in a tank external to the property itself. The major benefit of this is that the homeowner I free to shop around for a good deal on fuel and is not tied to just one supplier. If you would like additional information on the oil boiler installation services that we offer, be sure to get in touch with our experienced team today. We’d love to hear from you an assist you in any way possible.

Can I Have An Oil Boiler Installed In My Loft?

Although oil boilers of below 45kW output can be installed in a loft space in a Mitcham home, we strongly recommend that you avoid doing so. If you intend to have your oil boiler installed inside of your loft space, the oil boiler installation must comply with British Standards, to ensure the safe operation of the appliance, the safety of the technician who could work on it and to protect the fabric of the building itself against fire and oil contamination. You will also need to consider the weight of the oil boiler, the potential for noise pollution and how you will actually feed oil to the boiler.

Under British Standards: Part 1 1997, you must remember the following information:

  • The loft space must have a permanent means of access.
  • The installation of oil boilers in the loft must only be considered if there is no alternative location.
  • The area between the access point and the boiler area, and the service area around the boiler, must have permanent flooring that can withstand the weight of any oil boilers installed as well as a service technician, and must also have a handrail.
  • All oil boilers installed in a loft must be of the balanced fuel type and stand in a drip tray with a float that will automatically shut off the oil supply when oil is detected within the tray.
  • You must be able to isolate the appliance and the oil supply from the outside of the loft space.

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If you’re based in Mitcham or the surrounding areas and you require additional information on the oil boilers that we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experienced team today. We’re always here to take your call, deal with any enquiries and answer any questions that you may have regarding the oil boilers that we provide in Mitcham.

We also offer oil boilers throughout Croydon, Bromley, West Wickham, Caterham, Sevenoaks, Orpington and Beckenham.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does An Oil Boiler Work?

An oil boiler mixes oil from the oil supply in the property, with air to ignite the burner that provides heat to the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is a tightly coiled copper pipe that is exposed to the heat of the flame created by burning the oil and air mixture. The heat exchanger then transfers heat to the water supply.

Should I Turn My Oil Boiler Off When It Is Being Filled?

Yes, it is recommended to turn your oil boilers off when they are being filled and to leave it off for a short period afterwards, of up to 30 minutes. This will ensure that any sediment that has settled on the base of your tank is not stirred up and drawn into your fuel line.

What Can Cause An Oil Boilers Burner To Lockout?

A burner lockout could be as a result of no oil or a leak in the pipeline. Another cause of a burner lockout is from contaminated oil. The contamination could be from: water ingress into the tank from a missing cover, a damaged tank from condensation or sludge (this can occur due to the growth of micro-organisms at the water fuel interface in the tank or rust from a metal oil tank corroding.