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Heating Engineering by Heat-Tec

All of Heat-Tec’s Heating engineers are fully qualified and gas safe registered, they’re able to carry out a range of repair, maintenance and installation work throughout West Wickham. With years of experience our heating engineers have become experts in the industry. Heat-Tec have developed a reputation throughout West Wickham for providing heating engineers who carry out high quality work as efficiently as they can. Our heating engineers offer their repair, maintenance and installation services to both homeowners, landlords and commercial customers, so no matter what you may need a heating engineer for at Heat-Tec we have you covered.

Engineers for Domestic and Commercial Purposes

Our heating engineers undertake a range of domestic heating related work throughout West Wickham, they are able to undertake all repairs on domestic boilers such as thermostat repair, dealing with pressure issues, fixing leaking or dripping pipes and many more. Heat-Tec also offer annual servicing of boilers to help prevent a breakdowns and to ensure your boiler running smoothly. If its installation work you’re looking for then we are a Worcester Bosch and Vaillant accredited boiler installers.

As well as covering all your domestic heating needs, here at Heat-Tec our heating engineers also cover a range of commercial repair, maintenance and installation work. If you’re a business based in West Wickham and you’re having trouble with your boiler or heating system Heat-Tec can help, no matter what the problem may be, no job is too big or small for our heating engineers.

What Work Heating Engineers Undertake

Our heating engineers at Heat-Tec of West Wickham, cover a range of domestic and commercial repair work including repairs of thermostats, control systems, pipes, valves, radiators, vents and much more, if you’re having a problem with your heating system simply get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to assist you. Heat-Tec believe that you can avoid unnecessary breakdowns by undertaking annual servicing on your boiler and heating system, helping to identify issues before they become major problems and helping to keep your home or business safe. We also cover all your installation needs, our heating engineers can replace an existing system or install a new system in your home or business providing you with a more energy efficient boiler and heating system.

The Types of Boilers our Heating Engineers Install

When it comes to boilers, it’s important to choose a system which will work efficiently and fit practically into your lifestyle. To help you decide, we take a look at the different system types, how they work, their advantages and what kind of homes they work best in.

Combi boilers

A ‘combi’ or combination boiler is both a high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler in one single compact unit. Combi boilers heat water from the mains so when you turn a tap on, you won’t require a hot water storage tank in the roof space.

This option also bodes well as they are cost effective and energy efficient, water is heated instantly rather than being heated and stored in a cylinder. An added benefit includes that hot water is delivered at mains pressure, this means that you can get a power shower without the need for a separate pump.

System boilers

System boilers need a cylinder for storing hot water, the major heating and hot water system components are built into itself and make it quicker and easier to install. Additionally, there’s no need for a tank in the loft, so it’s an option for homes with little or no loft space or where the space is earmarked for conversion.

Regular boilers

Regular boilers which are also known as traditional, conventional or heat only boilers, are ideally suited to homes that have traditional heating and hot water systems which are linked to separate hot water cylinders. These types of boilers do not require a cold water storage tank in the loft to feed the hot water cylinder as well as a tank that maintains the water level of the central heating system.

Regular boilers are considered the best option for replacing an existing system, should the property have an older radiator system, it might not be able to cope with the high water pressure that is delivered by system or combi boilers.

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Top Tips for Boiler Efficiency

Boiler pressure

It’s important to have regular safety checks from a gas safe engineer, this will ensure that your boiler and your home stay safe.

Lag your pipes

We believe that prevention is always better than a cure, the best time for pipe lagging is before the winter sets in, pipe lagging is very simply and most DIY shops sell ready-made pipe lagging that will slip over your pipes.

Keep the pressure up

Boilers don’t run properly when the pressure is to low, by having the right pressure (between 1 and 1.5 bars), this is easy to check as there’s a dial on the front of your boiler.

Switch the boiler off

Once the weather has warmed up, you can turn your boiler off, if you have a combi-boiler, just switch it to hot water only. To prevent problems when the winter returns, its always a good idea to switch your boiler on once a month for 15 minutes during the warmer summer months.
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Call Heat-Tec for a Professional Heating Engineer today

If you’re based in West Wickham or the surrounding areas and you’re in need of heating Engineers, then get in touch with Heat-Tec. Whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer simply give Heat-Tec a call on 020 3369 8682 and one of our staff with be more than happy to assist you.

As well as specialising heating installations and repairs in West Wickham, we also cover Croydon, BromleyMitcham, Orpington, CaterhamSevenoaks, Beckenham and the surrounding areas.


At Heat-Tec our top quality heating services include, boiler installations, repairs and servicing, heating controls and switches, thermostats, radiators and underfloor heating.

Servicing your boiler is not only necessary, it’s important, especially when it comes to it’s running efficiency. By having your boiler serviced you can check that it’s working as it should be and that it is safe. At Heat-Tec our team will check a range of areas including leak, control and corrosion checks, gas pressure checking, component checks, flue testing and the cleaning of system and components.

Boiler installations can be a complex process, involving assessing your current system, choosing a new boiler and then fitting it after the necessary checks have been done. When it comes to boiler services, at Heat-Tec our qualified team of engineers will provide a quick and efficient boiler install service, ensuring that there is as little disruption as possible and that you are satisfied and can carry on with the rest of your day.

Our team of specialists are always on hand to support your requirements and should be your first port of call. At Heat-Tec should you be undergoing issues with your boiler or heating, or they may have completely broke down, simply call a member of our team who will be happy to help. Our heating engineers will come out to your property to fix the issue as soon as possible.

Make sure you call Heat-Tec, our certified heating engineers have the skills and knowledge required to ensure your heating system is running smoothly. What’s more is our team have a wealth of experience in the area and with no job being to big or too small, there’s no need to look any further, contact us today!