Commercial Boilers Croydon

Commercial Boilers by Heat-Tec

Is your commercial boiler in need of a repair or service? Here at Heat-Tec in Croydon we are fully qualified to carry out installations and servicing on all type of commercial boilers. If you have a business in the Croydon area then get in touch today and one of our staff will be more than happy to help. All of our commercial boiler work is undertaken by fully trained and gas safe registered engineers, so whether it’s repair, maintenance or installation work you need carrying out in the Croydon area, when you choose Heat-Tec you know you’re in safe hands.

Commercial Boiler Installation

At Heat-Tec we are experts in the commercial boiler industry. When you choose us for installation of a new boiler one of our professional engineers will come out to your Croydon based business or commercial premises, they will assess the needs of the premises. Our engineers will discuss with you the space available for the boiler and what the boilers main purpose will be this will help us make sure that you’re fitted with a boiler that meets your premises hot water and heating requirements.

We offer a range of different boiler for commercial premises such as:

  • Combi Boilers – A highly efficient combined water heater and central heating boiler
  • Conventional Boilers – This boiler system incorporates a boiler, extended controls and a water cylinder
  • System Boilers – The boiler directly heats your central heating system and hot water for a storage cylinder

We cover the whole of Croydon when it comes to commercial boiler installations, so if your premises are in need of an updated boiler or you’re looking for a brand new install of a commercial boiler then get in touch with Heat-Tec and one of our boiler experts will be happy to help you choose a boiler that meets your businesses needs.

Commercial Boiler Repairs and Maintenance

Heat-Tec has you covered for all your commercial boiler repair work, if you think your boiler isn’t working to its full capacity or its showing signs of a visible problem, then Heat-Tec can send out one of our professional engineers to come and asses the problem, carrying out a range of diagnostic tests to help identify the problem. Once the problem has been identified with your commercial boiler we will do our best to explain the issue to you, and before we carry out any repair work we will let you know the cost of the repair.

Sometimes it can seem there is nothing wrong with your boiler, but some issues cannot be seen or heard, having an annual commercial boiler service carried out will help to ensure that your system is working correctly and safely. Carrying out annual servicing on your boiler can help save you money by identifying issue before they turn into major problems.

Contact Heat-Tec for all your Commercial Boiler Services

When it comes to commercial boilers, Heat-Tec are experts in the field, we offer installations, maintenance and repairs on all type of commercial boilers. So when you’re boilers suffering a problem in the Croydon area then give us a call on 020 8212 7824 and we’ll be happy to assist.


At Heat-Tec, we provide a selection of central heating through our boiler system installation. When it comes to boilers, there’s three main types available which includes combi boilers, system boilers and regular boilers. Our team have a wealth of experience and are more than happy to help you choose the right system for you.

Having them switched off tends to cause condensation, so we suggest to not completely turn them off, but instead you can turn the radiators down to a low setting. The radiator will still come on if the heating is on, but won’t use as much energy and will deter condensation.

When it comes to your central heating system, it’s important to have regular checks carried out by Gas Safety Engineers, they can advise and carry out pressure checks as well as making sure that your system is operating safely in your house. So this is not something that you need to carry out yourself.

When it comes to system flushing, it’s legal a requirement under the Building Regulations Law, it applies to all installations and replacement boilers. A power flush uses a high flow rate to clear the system of sludge and corrosive build up in the radiators and pipework.

This is quite common and people tend to think that it works, but it’s not actually true. Turning it up will only heat the room to a higher temperature.