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Central Heating Installations in Bromley

Here at Heat-Tec we offer installation and repairs of central heating systems to homes and properties throughout the Bromley area. Whether you’re looking for replacement system or an installation of a brand new boiler and you’re based in the Bromley area, simply get in touch with Heat-Tec and we’ll be more than happy to help. Our heating experts will help you choose a central heating system that best meets your properties requirements, we supply all the parts and equipment to provide you with a hassle and stress free installation service.

When you choose to use Heat-Tec for central heating work you’ll be in safe hands; we only use fully trained and gas safe registered engineers and we also offer a range of boiler deals so you can rest assured that you won’t be ripped off. We have experience in working with a range of central heating systems, so when it comes to your heating system don’t hesitate to get in touch with Heat-Tec. If you’re a homeowner, business owner or landlord in Bromley or the surrounding areas; and you’re looking for a heating expert get in touch with Heat-Tec; we provide the same great high quality service to all of our customers.

Central Heating

Repairing & Maintaining your Boiler

If your heating system is suffering an issue or problem and you live in the Bromley area then Heat-Tec can help, we offer a range of repair services such as radiator replacements, radiator repairs, thermostat repair, valve repair, thermostat replacement, valve replacement and much more. So if your heating system needs a repair then get in touch with Heat-Tec and one of our gas safe registered and professional heating engineers will be happy to help. Avoid those costly repairs with Heat-Tec’s annual servicing, we offer our annual servicing to properties throughout Bromley. When you choose Heat-Tec for servicing, one of our gas safe registered engineers will come to your property and carry out a thorough inspection of your system to ensure that it’s running safely and smoothly and to check for any issues.

Boiler System & Temperature Controls

At Heat-Tec we believe in offering only the most high quality and efficient heating systems to our customers, that’s why we offer a range of temperature and system controls for our new boiler installations. When it comes to radiators they can installed with a range of control systems such as lockshield valves, manual valves and thermostatic valves; providing you with a range of controls for you to choose from when you choose a new radiator. The main heating systems can be controlled through a range of systems such as times, individual room thermostats, analogue control systems, programmers, digital control systems and smart control systems. So if you live in the Bromley area and you’re looking for a new heating system or to improve your existing one then get in touch and one of our gas safe registered and trained engineers will work with you to find the best heating system for your property.

Call on Heat-Tec for all your Central Heating Installations in Bromley

Here at Heat-Tec one of our top priorities is customer satisfaction, so when we agree on a price for work that’s all you’ll be charged for, we don’t believe in hidden costs and aim to provide value for money central heating installation costs. Whether it’s a repair, servicing or installing central heating systems in Bromley or the surrounding area then make Heat-Tec your first port of call. Simply give us a call on 020 3369 8682 and one of our trained and gas safe registered heating engineers will be more than happy to help.


This is a common question but is actually untrue, by turning it up, it will only heat the room to a higher temperature.

During the winter months and due to the cold temperatures a way to protect your central heating system it to lag your pipes. It’s fairly simple to carry out and you can purchase ready-made lagging that slips over your pipes and will protect them in the winter months.

When the weather warms up you can turn your system off and if you have a combi-boiler then you should switch it to hot water. By turning it back on for 15 minutes, every so often throughout the summer months, this will help preserve it for the winter.

No as this will cause condensation, instead you can turn the radiators down to a low setting. The radiator will still come on if the heating is on, but won’t use as much energy and will deter condensation.

System flushing is a requirement under the Building Regulations Law and applies to all installations and replacement boilers. A power flush will use a high flow rate to clear the system of sludge and corrosive build up in the radiators and pipework.